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  • DIy Stress balls juggling - balloons and flour!


“Why aren’t you helping me?” I cried.

“You didn’t ask me to.”

It was true. I hadn’t asked him to. I’d wanted his help to come naturally. I’d wanted him to read my mind, to know when to take the baby from me, to send me out of the house to get some fresh air, to take a shower, to eat food with a fork instead of my fingers. That was where I failed. My husband needed me to tell him what to do.

It made me uncomfortable at first because asking for help, especially from men, doesn’t come naturally to me. But I forced myself to do it. I made myself ask for help.

In order to help him feel less helpless, I had to be a little helpless — something else that didn’t come naturally. I like being good at things. Very good at things. But I needed to make Nick feel like a damn champion at being a dad.

In the early days of parenting I pretended to be confounded by swaddling. I overcomplimented Nick’s ace abilities to wrap our baby like a burrito. This paid off in spades. His confidence in swaddling led to his dominance over bedtime and allowed me to start reading novels alone before bed again.

As I said before, I always wanted to open presents on Christmas Eve and Jeremy wanted to wait until Christmas morning. I’m so glad we have figured out a compromise. Every year under our tree, we have one huge box clearly marked, “OPEN ON CHRISTMAS EVE!” In it, both boys find a pair of warm jammies. But wait, we can’t leave mommy and daddy out. We always have a nice pair of warm pajama pants as well. Last year, all four of us received footie jammies; that was nothing short of hilarious. Also in the box are hot chocolate Keurig K-cups (packets would work too if you don’t have a Keurig), four mugs (one special for each of us – see #2 on the list for more info here), a Christmas book (always cute Christmas books coming out), and a family game. So over the years, we have built up an adorable collection of mugs, Christmas books, and family games