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Additional Operators

if your email is, it is the same as:

  • ema.i.ln.ame

you get the idea. the dots can be anywhere it will still go to your email. also you can add words at the end after a plus sign and it will also go to your email

you can use this a way to filter suspected spammy sites. like by signing up to websites with

you can also extend the usage of your gmail by signing up to sites with these modified emails which may be recognised as seperate emails

Gmail themes

themes were introduced.

Gmail search shortcuts

today i woke up and realised i had nearly 200 unread gmails scattered through my inbox. i gave up and found this: l:^u. this delicious little morsel will retrieve all your unread gmail. l:^i l:^u will get you unread mail in your inbox alone.

general operators
  • from:username
  • to:username
  • cc:username
  • bcc:username
  • subject:keyword
  • filename:file
  • has:attachment
  • after:2008/5/13
  • before:2008/5/13

label:labelname / l:labelname

  • is:inbox
  • is:chat
  • is:trash
  • is:spam
  • is:starred
  • is:unread
  • is:read

label titles:

  • ^b chats
  • ^f sent mail
  • ^i inbox
  • ^k trash
  • ^r draft
  • ^s spam
  • ^t starred messages
  • ^u unread mail

boolean operators:

  • OR
  • -
  • +
  • "exact phrase"
  • (grouped words)

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