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Last Meal

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would your last meal be ?

In the near future, home care systems have remote monitoring devices which collect fine-grained data about one’s vital signs and consumption patterns. Subtle changes outside of normal parameters can give clues for machines to produce an estimate for the future date and time of death of the person.

Based on previous data collected on the person’s dietary preferences (through image recognition, consumer level near-IR spectroscopy devices, and social media history), the home care system attempts to suggest an appropriate last meal before the predicted time of death.

The Last Meal robot is capable of automatic, robotic preparation of enzyme softened food which retains shape and colour of the original foods, capturing the point at which nature is changed into culture. The food has a high degree of verisimilitude to the form it would take if it had been cooked by a human chef.

A project by Calum Bowden (RCA), Debbie Ding (RCA) and Hiroko Narasaki (KIT), as part of the Healthcare Futures Workshop, organised by KYOTO Design Lab at the Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT) in collaboration with the Royal College of Art (RCA).