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flkinect is a Cocoa application by Koji Kimura that allows communication between Flash and Kinect. thought i’d check it out, and realised that it makes it incredibly easy to control some of the simpler functions of the Kinect. i tried it today and it worked instantly. INSTANTLY! WITH ONE CLICK! (Being of the perverse nature, I was almost disappointed it wasn’t harder, or that I didn’t have to understand more in order to make it work!)

Screen shot 2012-03-07 at AM 10

Screen shot 2012-03-07 at AM 10

Not sure why I hadn’t tried this earlier – I supposed I was set on using Windows as I knew that the computer on-site would be Windows, so I never looked back. Another drawback is that i suspect that one will still need to use something like OpenKinect to access the more useful features in kinect. But to get the kinect and flash to basically just communicate in Mac OSX is clearly an absolute breeze, unlike my experience trying to install it for windows…

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