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On Jan 1st 2016, I decided to embark on a project in which I would do more 3D Modelling and 3D Printing by doing 365 days of 3D modelling and 3D printing. 365 Days of 3D.

I don't know how most people learn 3D modelling in schools, but I'm sure a lot of it is to do with geometry and imagination. But personally speaking, I feel that there's no point in doing 3D modelling practice if at the earliest stage, you cannot replicate an effect to perfection. I decided to start with photographs and see if I can replicate them exactly.

I chose quite geometric ones for starters. Photos of contemporary art galleries so minimal and clean that they became abstractions. Photos of geometric objects in perfect scenes which almost looked like they had been 3D rendered. I haven't truly been able to do a model every day, but here are the results from the days I managed to do it.

Before I started this project, I had never ever used Blender before. There is a bit of a learning curve involved in getting to grips with its interface, but once you get over that, Blender Cycles truly does wonders. Each rendered scene you seen here was usually worked on for about 1-4 hrs. The challenge was to achieve the greatest 'realism' in the shortest time possible.

The Set of Chris Lee's Real Love

My Blender Render

That Other Girl

My Blender Render

Lecky's Rubberband

Photograph by my friend Lecky

My Blender Render

Some Typographical Art Exhibition in Miami

Image randomly picked from google images "Shannon Ebner at ICA Miami (via". Looked at it and said, MEHHH I CAN RENDER THAT ENTIRE SCENE IN BLENDER.

My Blender Render

South Gallery in London

Image randomly picked from google images "Theaster Gates South Gallery" (ICA). Again, I looked at it and said, MEH I DONT EVEN NEED TO GO THERE, I COULD RENDER THAT.

My Blender Render


A very simple fishtank

My Blender Render.

Some Incomplete Gallery on Wightman Road

Saw this near my house. They have left the renovation of this gallery space incomplete for over a year now.

My Blender Render. Who needs to go outside when you can Blender Render your whole world?

Abstraction in British Photography

This is actually a photograph. Also, it is a photography mag. It doesn't look like a photograph though, so I thought I'd make a digital version of a photograph that looks like a 3D model. My fav thing to do.

My Blender Render.

Soviet Bus Stop

Saw this on the Brutalist Appreciation Society Group's page.

My Blender Render. Made in an hour or two, could be more detailed (and sorry for the FAT GRASS) but good enough as a proof-of-concept exercise.