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On June 1st 2016, I decided to embark on a project in which I would teach myself dip nib copperplate calligraphy - Engraver's Script in particular. 365 Days of spending a few minutes of do one practice sheet of dip nib calligraphy a day.

Digging into the archives in the UK, I realised that my inability to read copperplate calligraphy from the days of yore (and I am not even a medievalist) was a real impediment. I felt it was strange that I had never actually thought of writing as something you did with jars of ink, nibs, and paper! So I decided to go back to basics.

I acquired an oblique penholder, dozens of nibs, and lots of Black Indian Ink and Sumi Ink. I used to think of ink splotches as something you would download in a pack from the internet and apply as a pattern to your PSD! But now, I've actually got dip nibs, and ink specks and spillage is now an everyday affair! Long gone are my grungey teenage days of artfully digitally painting an ink splotch for a background image in my Livejournal. Today, I've basically turned into one big ink splotch generator! (Oh, all the ink I'm having to scrub out of our floors, tables, and hands...)

Here are some of my practice sheets from the last few months. I know that I haven't achieved the 52-55 degrees required for true copperplate, but I'm largely doing it without guidelines at the moment. My favourite nib at present has to be the Zebra 'G' Nib Titanium.

Random Internet Comment on Brexit - Copied out in Copperplate Calligraphy

Some Financial Times Brexit Quote - Copied out in Copperplate Calligraphy

Writing out Random Words

As a practice, I copied the words from food labels in the room or whatever BBC program I happened to be listening to - random word glossolia. In the far and distant future, when people somehow find an ancient cache of my papers with the words "BEST VALUE SET OF 160 RESISTORS" written ten times on it - I wonder, whatever will they make of it?