The reality of modern citizenship is temporary social behaviour, nomadic preferences and the co-habition of private and public space. In response to this trend, Locality is a service that supports and facilities the constant movement of personal, domestic and commercial belongings through the real-time tracking and intervention of citizen location and destination.

This site-specific walking tour questioned the temporary use of public and private space, immersing participants in a parallel reality. Whereby the border between fiction and reality is blurred through real-time participation and performance using SMS technology and direct interaction with local shops and public services creating a first-hand experience of the Locality service.

What unseen soil and labour circulates in Singapore?

Welcome to the Locality of Stockwell. The successful day-to-day running of the Locality depends on the collective movements of individuals such as yourself! This is a NLS familiarisation tour of the locality where you have just registered at, which will take around 1 hr. You should have received a welcome pack. Please read through all the documents inside.

Stockwell Centre (LS1) has been selected as your first stop as you have indicated that in the course of your work day, it is necessary for you to make a morning call at the Stockwell Centre.

As you turn into Binfield Road, you will see a number of chairs on the other side of the road along the Stockwell Public Realm. These public chairs are free for use without prior booking, which means they may or may not be free at the time you want to use them, much unlike the other spaces within the NLS system. If the chairs happen to be unoccupied, stop for a minute or two to try these seats and watch the Locality of Stockwell go by.

You have an NLS deposit scheduled here at Stockwell Centre (LS1). Please locate the box labelled NLA0921 and deposit some of your personal items in it. When you have finished depositing your items, please text “DEPOSIT C1 LS1”

Thank you for using the NLS. Your next location is 38 St Lawrence Way (LS22) is your main allocated Locality residence, where you spend most of your sleeping hours. It is a place where you like to spend a lot of your time. Its postcode is SW9 6NP. Please proceed to your destination as soon as possible, as your NLS duties are time-sensitive.

On your way to 38 St Lawrence Way, you may pass through Sidney Way, where you can see Slade Gardens (LS23), a popular community park which is used by many different people at the same time. The park is free for use without the need to make a prior booking on the NLS.

If you are walking down Loughborough Road, look out for a small sign on the left for St Lawrence Way. Your residence is further in at 38 St Lawrence Way and on the right. Many of these houses which you are passing are also NLS listed buildings which are open for booking. Your St Lawrence Way Residence is also one example of a popular residential building which many people from your Locality can use at the same time, perhaps sometimes even without even ever meeting within the property.

Text "ARRIVE C1 LS22" when you have reached outside your destination, 38 St Lawrence Way (LS22). Find the key under the doormat and unlock the door. If you have successfully unlocked the door, please text "KEY C1".

KEY: Please enter the house, close the door behind you, and remove your shoes at the shoerack. This is your NLS allocated house for the next few minutes. It is usually your allocated house for a few hours at once, but this is just a familiarisation course of your life. Many other residents in your Locality use this space and use it at different times of the day for different periods of time. Take the stairs and go up to the top floor of this house. Your room is on the left.

Thank you. Your contribution to the general effort is appreciated by the Locality of Stockwell.


I used Mightytest to send live customised text dialogues to participants.