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Games for people to play from the top of a boring looking building.

In 2012, I formerly shared a studio space with friends from Studio Thirteen at Goodman Arts Centre, Block B. During the hottest point of the afternoon, it seemed as if the Goodman Arts Centre became a ghost town under the heat of the sun, especially when the sun was at its peak, and all you could see from the studio was the largely empty square below and the occasional pedestrian who bravely walked down the scorching pathway. It became quite exciting to watch for people coming in and to try to guess where they were headed to.

For Goodman Arts Centre's Open House in 2012, I decided to install two vinyl text games at the upper floors of Block B, which offered a panopticonic view of the entire compound of everyone walking in.


A Game for One

Look at all the people walking down below.
Pick a pedestrian that looks interesting.
Stare intensely at your chosen pedestrian moving across the open area.
If your pedestrian looks up and makes eye contact with you, you win!

Pedestrian Racing

A Game for Two

Watch the people walking in from Block E on the left.
Each player is to pick one pedestrian who has just appeared into view.
Race your chosen pedestrians across the open area! Cheer them on!
First pedestrian to pass the second pair of outdoor lamps near Block B wins.

The view from Block B, Goodman Arts Centre