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A panoramic experience for a studio

Screenshot, soft/WALL/shroom
I arrived one day at soft/WALL/studs, whilst an artist was taking a nap in the library.

As part of an experiment for their open studio day, I conducted a study of soft/WALL/studs studio and rendered an approximate version of it within one night. With some unusual protrusions.

"One afternoon, as the artist was waking up from anxious dreams after taking a nap in the studio library, the artist discovered that the studio had turned into a strangely pink, warm cavern. It was difficult to walk, as the floor was covered in irregular contours and pustules that seemed hot and moist to the touch. The artist reached out to press the corpulent bumps on the walls, and there was a ripple of a reaction from the soft walls. On the other end, the darkened doorway which led out of the studio seemed to beckon, although the artist could not decide whether the protrusions made it look more like a softly padded organic orifice - or like a dendata made of meat and bone...

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