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Winogradsky Columns of Soil

Commission of Singapore Art Museum for the President's Young Talent 2018
Soil has been collected from a wide range of liminal public spaces: soil on the edge of expressways, underneath bridges, road triangles. This is material/composite often circulating and recirculating from site to site through the rapid process of urban redevelopment in Singapore; from areas through which huge amounts of human traffic pass on an everyday basis and yet these remain as spaces in waiting, like barren mars landscapes. Shared public spaces which are free to use but are rarely utilised by Singaporeans, with only the trace of pigeons, stray cats, cyclists, foreign workers taking a nap in these odd spaces where bikes and motorcycles, old kopi bags, footprints and smoke breaks, hiding away whilst in plain sight. Through the winogradsky columns, soil bacteria will grow, form colonies and change in colour, revealing themselves over the duration of the exhibition.