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Bring Me Back to the Time Store

Singapore Macguffins - an object which is necessary to initiate and advance the plot - but insignificant or irrelevant in itself.

A Macguffin is an object which is necessary to initiate and advance the plot - but insignificant or irrelevant in itself. Inspired by Noam Toran and Onkar Kular’s “MacGuffin Library”, this is a collection of MacGuffins loosely drawn from the science-fiction inspired plots of local Singaporean TV drama. The semi-fictionalised TV drama synopses will be written and used to inform the design and fabrication of a series of 3D printed artefacts, representing the way in which design and media influences reality and vice versa.

Bring Me Back to the Time Store

A supermarket discount coupon from ten years ago is found inside the pocket of a woman whose body is found at the foot of a HDB Block. But the dead woman has been missing for ten years, so the discovery of the coupon leads detectives to believe that time travel must exist and that a strange time portal exists on one of the floors of the HDB Block, giving one detective hope that his missing wife might still be alive in another dimension.

The Solidity Theory

A young aspiring computer engineer who wants to be the next Sim Wong Hoo has an accident at a shopping mall. He falls several stories over a railing but ends up receiving medical treatment from a mysterious agency with mysterious devices. After the experimental treatment, he gains the power of projecting virtual reality objects with the help of a small device called the Solidifier. A disgruntled employee steals the device and gives it to him for safekeeping, but he uses the device and his newfound powers of speed, invisibility, and telekinesis to help others. After he appears on the television for helping people, the shady Bossman from the evil laboratory wants the Solidifier back.

Angel Plays the Mystery Blues

A young woman wakes up from a coma having lost her memory after a mysterious accident. Her family and friends have rejected her and she has to piece together the mystery of her identity. She finds a saxophone amongst the boxes of her possessions and is surprised that she can remember how to play it beautifully. She remembers that she persevered to learn it after being told it was not possible. She begins to imagine herself as a positive, talented, self-driven person - but little does she know that this same detail is the clue to the toxic, manipulative, tyrannical person she used to be before her accident.