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Since 2008 I've kept a wiki - a wikicliki, sick-o-fancy, jerque-du-cercle of a networking and connection-based order - a self-facilitating media node, if you will. My rhizomatic wikification of various topics about the internet, technology, design, architecture, linguistics and random cultural/theory topics...

In 2008 when I was working in London as a bilingual copywriter, I began getting interested in interactive design and programming and I created the wiki to record the new things that I taught myself. It began as a team project, but eventually it became my personal notebook for everything I was teaching myself. The title of the Wikicliki came from a livejournal discussion I happened to encounter at the time, where the author of the post wanted to use the phrase "wikicliki, sick-o-fancy, jerque-du-cercle of a networking and connection-based order" in a disparaging way (believing content producers who gave their work away for free were "spoiling the market"), but I fancied the colourful phrase and ended up using it as the title of my own wiki (where all my notes are free and publicly available for others to peruse and use as they see fit! I see the sharing of information as an ethical choice, to believe in the transformative power of sharing ideas and building upon collective resources).

I run the Wikicliki using MediaWiki, which is a free and opensource platform for collaboration and documentation - same as what is used for Wikipedia. I keep my notes on the Wikicliki and update posts from time to time, particularly about new things I am learning. I have been slowly adding entries ever since I first installed it in 2008 on my first server and over the years I've ported it over to Due to various security issues such as spam bots attacks over the years, I have disabled new user signups and currently only I myself tend to the content in this wiki these days.

I think of the Wikicliki as an extension of my brain, albeit one that is reliant on technology and the internet. Everything is public, and it has helped keep me accountable to my own learning process - once something is done, I file it away in the wiki, so I can move on to new things. It has helped me keep track of code snippets, research ideas, and personal goals over the years. By reviewing my own peculiarly written documentation often reveals new insights over time.

Since I have learnt a lot from free resources online, I feel the desire to share my own notes in the same fashion in case someone else can learn from it. I don't claim for it to be an authoritative source, for it is heavily coloured by my own interests and perspectives, and possibly full of unconnected thoughts and junk (and broken links). But I enjoy the juxtaposition of links, thoughts, and jumbled ideas in my sandboxes which I am constantly sifting into pages. Perhaps I may be oversharing at times about my personal life in these wiki pages, but I’ve always taken the assumption that because I upload so much information, the average user will not have the patience or interest to parse all the information that I have uploaded, so it gives me a sense of anonymity/privacy.

Wikicliki Gallery

In 2021, I was part of an exhibition by the Singapore Art Museum titled "Wikicliki". I also created a virtual replica of the "Wikicliki" exhibition so I could walk people around it during the covid pandemic when in-person events and meet ups were not possible.