Hokkien Dialect

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my father is hokchew and my mother is cantonese however i have never actually learnt any chinese dialects as my father forgot his dialect after having not spoken it for more than 30/40 years (since he left home) and my mother only taught me how to count in cantonese (BUT only the even numbers??? as she thought it was unimportant to count in anything other than in pairs so as to make the counting process faster???). well done, parents!

generally speaking im effectively billingual in english and chinese but dialect is a whole other ball game. i would like to speak hokkien one day and pretend to be a hokkien peng. lets see whether listening to hokkien cha cha and hanging around geylang will be able to teach me hokkien...

Simple Phrases

  • You ok or not? / 你好吗?- dih hoh boh
  • Good, thank you / 好,多谢 - hoh, toh siah
  • Ok or not? / 好吗?- Hoh boh?
  • Good / hoh - 好
  • Guah / Me, I - 我
  • Dee / You -你
  • Ee / He She It - 他 / 她