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I began this wiki because of the tachikomas in "Ghost in the shell".

When I was working in London as a bilingual copywriter, I began getting interested in interactive design and programming and this wiki was used to record the new things that i taught myself. in one of my previous jobs, i sat next to a german colleague who was also not a programmer. We enjoyed talking about the small bits of code we were learning and teaching ourselves to write, while the real programmers sat across the room doing their real job, so I always felt like we were little curious tachikoma robots chattering about what it meant to be alive, while the real humans continued with the main plotline....

In the film "Ghost in the Shell" the tachikomas upload their data to their satellite so that every day all the tachikomas wake up with the same collective memories. Sometimes they had arguments about who uploaded the memories they had, but it was clear that the collective sum of their knowledge was causing them to become smarter and smarter, until the point that they seemed to be approaching sapience or self-consciousness.

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