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To calibrate your laptop’s battery:

  1. Plug your laptop in and let it charge completely (your battery icon in the menu bar will be completely full and the charger’s connector light turns green).
  2. Keep the laptop plugged in for another two hours (after it is fully charged).
  3. Disconnect your laptop from power. Use it until it falls asleep from low battery.
  4. Turn off the laptop and let it “rest” for about five hours.
  5. Plug your laptop back in and let it fully charge.

"If you intend your MBP to be a desktop computer, leave it connected to AC power most of the time. Disconnect the AC and use the machine on battery power for a couple of hours (a 40-80% discharge, depending on what you're doing) once or twice a week. Fully discharge and recalibrate the battery every six or eight weeks. This will result in something like 40-50 cycles a year, maybe a few more or less, and will keep your battery alive and kicking despite its sedentary existence."

SD card reader

When I push it in on the corner that is closer to the display, it will be read-only. When I push it in on the corner that is closer to me, it will be read/write.