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Faking Bad

What is bad? What is fake? What if there was a youtube channel in which we recreated "bad fakes", or “faked bad”, following the excellent instruction of totally authorative youtube home videos to make fake things?

There are a plethora of of “how to make bad or illegal things” youtube videos made by young children and young adults, which I suspect are often produced in order to test the boundaries of what constitutes good or bad with their parents.

In many of these cases, the fakes that one is guided to produce are usually be so bad they will not pass any serious scrutiny, nor can they be used as real film props in any scenario. “Educational” is a word commonly used to describe them, although it is not clear how these “bad” instructionals help to prepare anyone for life.

Today, I'll be showing you how to make a fake bomb detector, of the likes of the GT200 and ADE651 - using only things found in a stationery shop, pound store, or just around the house. Other known names for fake bomb detectors in the market include: ADE101, ADE650, Alpha 6, XK9, SNIFFEX (with a tiny EX), HEDD1… and many many others.

These fake bomb detectors have been sold in over 20 countries around the world and have been used by governments and security forces facing very real bomb threats. Several deaths have even been directly attributed to the use of these fake bomb detectors.

In Thailand cases of false positives even have been reported with the use of these fake bomb detectors, linking the bomb alert to strange things such as the top of coconut tree or a plastic bag containing cooking oil, causing pandemonium in the streets.

Now you too can make your own fake bomb detector for yourself – and make it of the same accuracy - at a fraction of the price, and at home!!

Produced for Future Flux Festival 2017, Rotterdam