Last update: 20 January 2021
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A dream world between the void decks of the safety and familiarity of our homes, between the cracks of the game.

VOID is an exploration game where you find yourself swim through the sea at night, exploring a mysterious lost floating city. The ruins reveal themselves to be composed of decimated 3D scans of HDB void decks, like the eroded pilings of an ancient underwater city.

A problem I had in the early games that I made was that there were sometimes cracks in these hastily constructed worlds, through which one could accidentally step off and unwittingly free fall into an infinite black void. More than one person has told me that the unintentional “gameplay feature” of freefalling through a void was actually their favourite part of the game.

I initially began making a collection of quick HDB void deck scans for fun, but I was intrigued by the painterly qualities of an intentionally lowered quality 3D scan done with haste, littered with digitally generated voids through which we can gaze through into another world.

More details coming soon - Show opening 28 Jan 2021