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Truth as Objects

A time-based performance which attempts to draw correlations between time, space and events - where memory is without context.

I recently read a coffee-table neuropsychiatry book (actually completely forgettable) which happened to have a story about a man who was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that presented itself both as amnesia and also a tendency to confabulate stories about what one had been doing, even if one had not done those things.

Korsakoff’s Syndrome is a neurological disorder where sufferers are thought to construct fictional narratives as a coping mechanism for their inability to store or retrieve spatial or temporal information about their experiences.

For me, what was most interesting was the fact that it was difficult to elucidate whether there was a direct connection between the forgetting and the confabulation of plausible but inaccurate memories, but it was suggested that it was by way of compensation that one tries to fill in the gaps in memory by confabulating plausible story lines.

"Truth as Objects" at Objectifs, Singapore. 2015.

Chris and I collaborated on the project “TRUTH AS OBJECTS”. Stories of experiences and events are narrated from a box overhead, as a box on the ground generates the time and location stamps of those experiences, issuing these factual locative stamps as tangible, physical receipts. Divorced from their context, correlations are waiting to be drawn between the clues of time, space and event. But that’s just my version of what was supposed to be going on there. Maybe Chris will tell you another story...

"Truth as Objects" at ArtLacuna, London. Oct 2015.

A collaboration with Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo.