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  • Get into RCA - SUCCESS!!!!!
  • Get NAC Overseas Scholarship - SUCCESS!!!!!
  • Get IELTS Scholarship
  • Get Tan Kan Kee Foundation Scholarship
  • Earn enough monies before I go


  • Timeboxing is effective
  • Less Garlic is sometimes more
  • Take the trash out more often or maggots will come live in the trashcan
  • Brushing your teeth obsessively each time you go to the airplane bathroom will result in a fresher and less dehydrated you at the end of a long haul flight (but wear lip balm)
  • Whenever I fear mortality, thinking about feigning death helps. should it ever come to the point that the fear seems ever more apparent I should just write a story about it.
  • Also I just realised the other day that the reason why I have to listen to loud high tempo music while working is because it helps drown out the other distractions for me. And you are totally right, I've also figured out that background noise/sound helps me sleep better because I am just so fidgety sometimes that I can only sleep if tired (hence the 5 hour sleep limit!).
  • To print on tissue paper or tracing paper without the printer chewing up EVERY alternate sheet, use a glue stick to adhere the tracing paper on some normal office paper before printing on it.

Things to learn

  • I want to be able to quickly code up a chart like this:


  • I want to grow a garden like this in spring:


Dream Learning List

  • Geographical Information Systems / ESRI training / Land surveying / Geomatics
  • Natural Language Processing for Python
  • Arduino / Processing
  • Circuit Bending
  • Basic Electrical/Electrician Training
  • Basic Plumbing Training
  • Basic woodworking skills
  • Permaculture
  • Crocheting Amigurumi

Works / Exhibitions / Publications

  • Ethnographic Fragments and Spotspotting - Shown at "Engaging Perspectives: New Art from Singapore", Gillman Barracks
  • Ethnographic Fragments and Postdated Paris - Shown at The Substaiton's Art Stage 2013 Booth
  • Psychogeoforensics essay in ISSUE: Land (Lasalle School of the Arts)
  • Maps without Buildings at theo.do.lites, Lasalle ICA
  • Visited Venice Biennale
  • Finished Dream syntax the book

Keeping Busy

  • 19/9 - Irish Soda Bread
  • Break a bottle with a string on fire

Misc fun