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Now what? I achieved my goals of years gone past and discovered that there was more to do and learn.

Lessons learnt

  • London is too expensive
  • Academic Capitalism is the same as Normal Capitalism
  • Art schools don't seem to teach their students how to make a living. Its very confusing


  • Apply for teaching job for late 2017
  • When there is a message that one wants to respond to, the response is instantaneous.
  • revlon colorstay

See also

From some emailer: In a few days it’s the end of the year:

  • What were your ideas and plans at the start of 2016 for this year?
  • What would make you truly proud & excited by 31 December?
  • What do you want to do, achieve, learn, create or let go off by the end of 2016?
  • NOW is the time to make that happen.
  • TODAY is the day to do one thing towards your juicy 2016 goal.
  • Just one thing that will make a difference and gets you one step closer to what you wanted this year to be about.
  • To contact that potential client or partner you have wanted to work with for ages.
  • To write a better intro for your home page that shows off your true personality.
  • To send out 25 personal, hand-written invites for your upcoming event to the people that really matter.
  • To teach yourself _____
  • To outline the chapters of the book you have always wanted to write.