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  • gcfscape, studiodecompiler for decompiling and extracting 3d games on steam such as dota, left 4 dead, portal
  • install gcfscape and locate game folder
  • unpack the file named pak01_dir.vpk
  • unpack all the assets - they are mdl, which you wlll ned to decompile to smd files using studiodecompiler


  • convert smd to 3dm esh files in obj format
  • might require custon plugins such as blender source tools for blender or wall worm for 3ds max
  • all the unpacked textures are vmt
  • use studiodecompiler to decompile your character's vmt files to tga files
  • convert tga to png
  • create the seams
  • in obj format, it includes uv maps
  • in uv layer, open the obj, create new uvs by creating steams.
  • patternfy - github.com/caretdashcaret/patternfy
  • basic combed cotton from spoonflower