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I'm using a UM2 with PLA.

  • Dream machine - Form 1?

Dissolving Support 3D Printer filaments have a unique feature that they dissolves completely in Limonene or Warm Water, making our dissolving 3D printer filament particularly suitable as a support material for printing complex ABS structures.

HIPS dissolves in Limonene (easy to find on Amazon.com) and our PVA dissolves in warm water. PVA is great for using as a 3D Printing support structure only - however our top pick is HIPS since it's a Polystyrene filament has very similar 3D printing characteristics to ABS thermoplastic filament in terms of impact strength and stiffness and it prints very nicely too and as a added bonus it easly dissolves in Limonene.


Modelling and fixing models

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