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1. It Is Too Long. And 1a. It’s Not on Letterhead. And 1b. It must follow proper letter norms of etiquette 2. You Are Telling, Not Showing. 3. You Drone On and On About Your Dissertation 4. Your Teaching Paragraph is All Drippy and Pathetic 5. You Present Yourself as a Student, Not a Colleague 6. You Don’t Specify Publication Plans 7. You Don’t Have a Second Research Project 8. You Didn’t Do Your Homework 9. You’re Disorganized and Rambling 10. You Didn’t Tailor


  • 19 October 2016. I'm thinking of applying to a job in Singapore, but my first cover letter seems wrong. It sounds like it says "I'm a great artist/designer! Choose me!" but this is wrong. I'm applying to a teaching/research post! My cover letter shouldn't be just about why i am a great designer. It needs to be about why I will be great as a teacher and researcher, or suitable for academia! In fact, come to think of it, academia is its own cottage industry!.