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Geography and Access to Literature

I find it strange that a small obscure book publisher (which released a book that I would like to read) once had a postal address that was exceedingly close to my old house in London. They were at E8 2NS, i was at E8 2EB. Coincidence?

Considering that our common interest area is about geography, spaces and place, i wonder why this coincidence is so. I never made anything geography related in London, nor did i actually meet anyone who was involved in London's Psychogeographical Association.

However, I did randomly buy a number of of geography/psychogeography related books on my way home. i think this points to how important it is to have a library and bookstore in your area. If we did not spend our time playing with phones and devices we might pass a bookstore and decide to walk in. We might pick up something meaningful, and read it on the bus ride home. And some years down the line, the book you read on the bus might completely change your life or change what you are doing.