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Using Adblock Plus to remove Gmail Ads

As a paying subscriber for Google storage, I was displeased to see that the ads have become bigger and bigger esp for the new layout.

No need to scream and vent. Firstly it was in the terms and conditions even for when you pay for google storage, and secondly it is very simple to remove it with adblock. Go to your Adblock Plus Preferences under Tools, and add this filters to the list:[class="mq"]

This strips out the class which contains the ads. This is correct as of 30 Nov 2011.

Using Adblock Plus to remove Facebook ticker and Sponsored Ads

The Facebook ticker and Sponsored Ads are a waste of everyone's time. Do you seriously want to allow additional things to distract you from doing more productive things while you are online?

I downloaded Adblock Plus so as to be able to streamline facebook and remove that godawful ticker.

Download Adblock Plus here: Adblock Plus

After you have downloaded and installed Adblock Plus, to edit your filter subscription and add an automated filter list to it, you can copy and paste this address into your browser - chrome://adblockplus/content/ui/subscriptionSelection.xul

But this is not what we're here to do today. We're here to add very specific filters to remove the ticker (and sponsored ads) while we're at it.

Go to your Adblock Plus Preferences under Tools, and Add these filters to the list:[id="pagelet_rhc_ticker"][id="pagelet_ticker"][class="ego_section"]

Its really simple - and as you can see, you can also use Adblock Plus to remove specific div elements from any page as long as you know the name of the element.

Note that this will not stop your posts and random activities from being seen by everyone else on the ticker. Facebook has not made it possible for anyone to prevent their posts from being repeated in the ticker if the activity is not completely private and their advice instead was for people to not comment, not post, and not press the Like button anything if they do not want it to be put into the Ticker. That is a bullshit response but there is nothing you can do about it. But at the very least you can hide the panel entirely so you yourself don't inadvertently waste time looking at this stupid box.