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For a Web site, to akamaize (pronounced AHK-uh-myez) is to accelerate the delivery of Web files by placing copies on servers closer to the user than the server that delivers the main file for a Web page.

"The URLs are recoded to ARL (Akamai Resource Locator) and: Using the new Alteon Web switching products and technology, URLs accessed in a Web session are captured - identified as content to be served by Akamai's network - and manipulated on the fly. Each URL is changed to the appropriate ARL based on policies pre-configured by the network or site operator.

Alteon brings to the process a highly-scalable, content-intelligent switching platform. Combined with Akamai's technology, the new products enable the transformation of user data seamlessly and dynamically for Akamai's content delivery services without having to manually change any Web content. This saves customers significant time in optimizing their sites and services for Akamai's network."

Akamai (pronounced AH kuh my) is Hawaiian for intelligent, clever and cool.