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“Your life right now is as real as it will ever be. It won't be more real in the future, when you get into or out of college or into or out of a relationship or a job or a financial quagmire or a health problem. In fact, the things keeping you back—these embarrassing, boring, stupid obstacles—are the heart of what it is to be human. They're the whole reason for making and needing art." Miranda July

“If I could go back in time and speak to my twenty-three-year-old-self, my advice would be threefold: travel further and more often to see what art actually looks like, figuring out sooner which ideas are currently convincing, which have become passé; spend more time making stuff, less time thinking about it; and do a better job of networking, staying in touch with people who show interest or friendship." Life lessons courtesy of Thomas Lawson.

– Stop making ‘art' and start making your work. […] It's so easy to make things that look like art, act like art, get sold like art, yet in the end aren't really art, but are phantoms, mere commodities, or quantifiable digestible sound bites." Stephanie Syjuco

I believe very strongly that if you’re not in your studio physically most every day, you’ve denied the possibility of anything happening. So, even if you’re reading a detective novel, you should be there. I don’t go to the studio at night anymore, unless I’m on a deadline or fussed at Bruce; then I go back. It’s my sanctuary. It’s a great studio. It’s a great place to have a studio.

"If you’re a political artist, and you’re primarily showing people how smart and clever you are, you’re not producing good political work. The energy is misdirected."