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According to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) (Chinese agency which conducts an annual survey on the internet search market in China), Baidu is China’s largest Search Engine (74.5% in 2007), far surpassing Google (14.3%).

Baidu URLS

Baidu URL in its most basic form:

Organic links

URL for submitting site for inclusion (as organic link):

Paid “Page Rank ads” are mixed seamlessly in with the organic links. Generally speaking, the more you pay the more your page rank can increase. But improving the standing of your organic link is also very important as they are mixed together.

Paid side “Text ads” (similar to Google’s Adwords) are also available and you can pick the position of your text ad on the page, and the more you pay the higher position your ad can appear. There are only 10 positions available for every possible keyword.

For Text ads, despite its visual resemblance to Google’s ads, there is little other similarity between the two systems. Single keywords are to be charged for annually, and according to one of baidu’s old reference pages, the estimated price of one keyword (for something such as the words 英语/English Language) in the 1st position would be around 5200RMB (£372). They are triggered by keywords, and if keyword is triggered it will appear red in Search Result.

If serious about promoting site in China via Baidu, it will be necessary to do Search Engine Optimisation in Chinese (in order to increase its rating as an organic link) and work on Chinese language page.

Consider hosting a Chinese mirror of languagelab website in China as apparently it significantly affects Baidu ranking as well

百度统计 / Baidu "Analytics"

Baidu released its own analytics at Baidu Tongji (百度统计 Baidu System Solution) but this is currently still in beta.

Baidu zhidao

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Q: would you like的答语
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[回答者: mnstr331]