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Things I've Learnt about Baking

  • The addition of Rice Flour in a recipe for a biscuit such as shortbread is for the purpose of making the shortbread/biscuit more "crunchy". Can also be omitted entirely /replaced by self-raising or all purpose but result will be less crunchy.
  • Allow butter to thaw or warm up for at least half an hour or else dough or mixture may not be correct and large pieces of butter may persist. Do not be hardheaded and try to grate the butter. It'll still be lumpy in a cold kitchen.
  • Olive Oil spray is acceptable as a greasing agent for a baking tray. The Olive Oil cannot be tasted once baked in.

Measurement Conversion

  • 1 cup flour = 150g
  • 1 cup butter = 227g