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Useful things

  • B/W printer (max A3) - TRIGGER COPY, open until midnight most days - Dresdener Straße 11, 10999 Berlin, Germany -
  • Colour printer - Flyer Alarm - Bernauer Straße 71-72 13355 Berlin -
  • Hellweg - hardware, household, zoo, garden stuff


  • Lidl - cheap and cheerful. apparently home of the 3 cent beer (after pfand)
  • Edeka - everything fancy is here.
  • Bolu on Turmstrasse - this and another turkish shop on turmstrasse are good places to get vegetables in bulk. halal.
  • Kaiser on Turmstrasse - this is like a small edeka in a way, a bit pricey.
  • PFENNIGLAND - pfennig is the old word for penny. this is a great random penny shop with a kitchen collection, spices, stationery and FIREWORKS.
  • Euroshop - one euro shop which has lots of plastic ware - which does the job. just don't let someone use that plastic colander as a steamer for too long....


  • Brunost - unusual brown caramelly Scandinavian cheese - available at Edeka