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I know. You're thinking, who on earth uses Bing? Someone who's accidentally bought a windows laptop for the first time and had to use Bing to find Google so they could reset their browser's default search to Google? Oh wait that was me five minutes ago.

So I asked Google, and it turns out that Bing is great for Programming snippets. The Internet says its also used by people who want to find porn and pirated materials.

Code Snippets on bing

I just noticed that the programming snippets don't show up in when I'm set to Singapore or Malaysia or China or any of the countries in the Safesearch list. You need to check which region you're set to. By default this windows laptop that was bought in Singapore was set to Singapore. But in Singapore, SafeSearch is turned on (zzz).

From Microsoft's official statement: "Bing offers SafeSearch settings, which allow most users to set the type of filtering of adult content that they would like applied to their search results. By default, in most markets all searches are set to moderate, which restricts visually explicit search results but does not restrict explicit text. Because of local customs or cultural norms, certain countries may impose legal restrictions on the display of adult content. As a result, what constitutes adult content might vary depending on the market.

Bing categorizes certain countries as strict markets. In these strict markets, we might restrict the display of adult content (as locally defined), and because of the local customs, norms, and laws, we might limit SafeSearch settings only to "strict." Set to "strict," SafeSearch filters the display of explicit search results in images, videos, and text. Markets that are limited to "strict" include:

  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Middle East
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Turkey

See also: Microsoft Accused of Censoring Adult Content in Some Arab Countries and EFF on How Microsoft Bing Censors the Middle East

There's much more to be said about this ridiculous "default" setting but to be honest it takes very little effort to set yourself to another region. I just switched my region to United Kingdom under Settings and then I could see Hackerrank's helpful additions, which are EXECUTABLE!

Did you hear that? EXECUTABLE!


Oh is python not your thing? WELL JUST SEE IT IN ALL THESE LANGUAGES


For more information:

So next time someone asks you who uses Bing? Its PROGRAMMERS, PORN USERS & PIRATES!

Just set yourself to another country such as the UK, or basically one of the countries which AREN'T in the safesearch list.