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  • shortcuts are everything
  • right-click to select
  • “A” to toggle selections after you selected something
  • middle mouse button to pull and tumble view
  • middle mouse button + control to pan horizontal
  • middle mouse button + shift to pan vertical
  • middle mouse button to zoom in and out (note that close range may be slow)
  • SHIFT-A to call up Add Primitives panel. UGHHHH!
  • N - calls up Properties panel
  • in properties panel - ADD BACKGROUND IMAGE - if you put it in TOP, you can only see it in TOP ORTHO. so make sure your VIEW is for THAT WINDOW and the background image are all for the same window. You might have multiple windows open.
  • command and left click to make vertices


  • how to close windows/views? you drag the arrow at bottom to the left or bottom. you'll see a big arrow.
  • why can't i get into edit mode? because you cannot go into edit mode without selecting an object first. another way is to make a cube and then delete all of its outside vertices. then start drawing....

my first spoon

Followed this tutorial:


Myfirstblenderspoon bg.png

UVs are included in OBJ export, theres an option to triangulate and include normals in the export options

cleaning up models

imported stl from openscad need to clean up for texturing.

so why don't the faces merge when you press f? i already used the circle brush (c) to select.


it may be because of MICROSCOPIC FACES THAT ARE NOT SELECTED. zoom in and manually fix.


shift-middlescroll wheel to scroll pan up and down ctrl-middlescroll wheel to scroll pan left right alt-middlescroll drag to move view

but that is the silly way



select > linked flat faces



addons for export

blender version number > scripts > addons > io_three

Nice tutorials


Rules for 2016

  • Produce a 3D Model / 3D Render AND a 3D Print every single day, ideally exploring a new feature or concept in 3D modelling or programming each day.
    • For the 3D Model/Render: It is done once a screenshot has been made of the work and it has been uploaded online.
    • For the 3D Print: It is done once the file is sliced in Cura and saved to SDCard. If it is hard to fine-tune or babysit the printer, the goal would be just to finish a print for each day by the end of each week.
    • WebGL 3D experiments can be counted in the model/render category, as long as involving 3D or 3D models I have made from scratch.

Tools to focus on

  • Blender 2.7
  • Three.js / WebGL / Javascript
  • Unity / C#
  • Sketchup with Render(in) Plugin
  • Procedural Generation
  • Openscad / / / / / "Riding the vaporwave into the future inspired by Greek busts, dolphins and the circa 2011 Seapunk trend. Creating abstract and mysterious images using human figures, grids, bright 80s neons and patterns, attempt to create new and exciting imagery." copy paste style - who writes this so overhyped