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91-95 Brick Lane, The Old Truman Brewery.

Fire Alarm

The fire alarm does not sound like a fire alarm. It sounds like a very loud sine wave, and you will not be able to hear it if you are listening to your iPod. We will all die in the fire.

Nearest Al Fresco Dining

The Laughing Buddha in the big carpark. Tastes exactly like regular zhi char though. At £5, I was understandably disappointed. Perhaps I am disillusioned by asian-style dishes with emphasis on more vegetables. It just doesn't work that way. Healthy living? You've got to be kidding. Where's the fried lard?

Nearest Coffee

Coffee@ is just a few seconds away. They also have healthy soups and breads.


2014 update: Allpress on Redchurch Street on a sunday is way too crowded. Not sure why I'd go to a coffee house any more today.

Nearest Convienience Store

The one nearest when you turn left from the Brick Lane Courtyard sells beers 19 pence more expensive than the regular 1 pound price. An outrage!... but I am lazy.

Nearest Fried Chicken Shop of Reasonable Quality

All the construction workers and policemen know where its all at - Al-Badar Chicken & Kebab. Look for the blue sign. They put magic addictive flavour in their chicken. How do they do it? Even the fries are heavenly. Mmm if this is a heart attack, I like the taste of it.

Nearest Cash Machine & Bank

Whitechapel HSBC. For bank services, waiting time at lunch hour is at least one hour. Your prospects are dismal. Go home and keep your money in a shoebox.

Nearest Bagel Shop

There are two Bagel Shops on the end of Brick Lane closest to Bethnal Green. The one closer to Bethnal Green (with the white signboard) has tougher Bagels, and the one further from Bethnal Green (with the orange signboard) has softer Bagels and more variety. I favour the store with the orange signboard but if you go there, avoid the meat Samosas, as sometimes they have gristle in them. Oh lawdy gristle in food, what happened to this country's food standards.

Bars and Stuff in walking distance from Brick Lane

  • Vibe Bar - The Vibe Bar smells funny. I do not like bars which smell funny.
  • Big Chill - £5 lunches and afterwork beers
  • Cafe 1001 - bands and hotdogs

Buses and Tube Stations

Liverpool Street

Liverpool Street Station is where things get more commercialised. There's a big Tesco Metro opposite the station, and within the station there is a M&S and a Boots (where you can buy aspirin, vitamins and plasters).


Whitechapel has a nice market and postoffice.

Bethnal Green

If you have been silly enough to take a bus to Bethnal Green, you will not be very near to Brick lane. Bethnal Green station is pretty damn far from Brick Lane.


It's needless for me to mention that there are many fashionable shops in Brick Lane and Shoreditch. Its probably the main reason why people come to this area. There is however a nice shop called SICK on the intersection of Brick Lane and Bethnal Green, which sells colourful girl clothing from France.


Text "oldtrumanbrewery" to 07786 207 770.

Impressive furniture store

Sunday Market

  • £5 sweaters abound on this special day along the entire length of the street.