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For some reason I have always ended up flying with BA when going to and from uk.

Airline water

BA screened a documentary about the politics behind what water gets to be on planes. Water travels very far especially in the form of bottled water and this can be very taxing on resources yet consumers guzzle the stuff without thinking about what is going on. Bottled water is basically the success of advertising.

Airline food

Meta airline dining: on the LHR-SIN flight i watched heston blumental's attempt to revise BA's airline food (his conclusion? People cannot taste salt well at high altitudes so he recommends including more ingredients with "umami" flavor). And then I was unexpectedly fed a moist and tasty Coconut & Lime Chicken Noodle with big soft soy beans (umami!), with a small bottle of soy sauce (umami again!). And cherry flavored angel's delight with little melt-in-your-mouth flakes of white chocolate. I have never had such a tasty airplane meal before. I was well impressed, for all the bad press BA has had, the food was markedly better than anything I've ever eaten on any plane.

Of course, then the next day, BA had a massive strike. And everything broke down and people were stranded. So I was apparently lucky to even make it back!

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Flamboyant Male Airline Officer at the check-in desk: "oh man, this is almost too swish for me!"