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  • To install screws in plasterboard wall - use drill and plastic plugs. Ribbed barrel plugs are simple to get and work best. Make sure you drill more than the length of the screw so the plug will fit; if you didnt drill deep enough you can't just hammer the plug in.

Types of Door Locks


When all fails use a hammer and hit it.

And who needs escutcheons. Bah. Throw it away so you wont have to drill more little holes for your door. So what if it looks like a dog chewed up your door. If it is aligned and it locks ITS GOOD ENOUGH.

Installing Door Locks


Most door locks come in simple sizes so if you lose your keys, you can just remove it and replace it. Don't buy the cheap stuff, please buy something with a modicum of quality at the very least.

You will need at least a screwdriver and a hammer. If you are not going to cut/saw new holes then you will probably have to hit it in order to make the door lock fit into hole, this may take a lot of hammering in order to make it fit.


For simple door locks, you will want the keyhole to be facing outside, and the locking button to be facing in.

Fixing a hole in the wall

You must lower your expectations drastically: you will never be able to fill it satisfactorily flat with plaster. Tell your friends that the marzipan look is really in for home decor right now.

Fixing unlevel wooden panelling

for fixing wooden panels which should be flat but are for some reason not level, my PRC chinese carpenter swears by HITTING IT WITH A HAMMER and then covering it with masking tape.


Rats & Mice

To install rats in house: cook vast quantities of food and forget to wash up for a week.

To uninstall rats, plug all holes with STEEL WOOL and then plaster over on both sides of hole if possible. Also stop leaving supper out in the kitchen overnight.

Electronic sound repellers do not work. Neither will poison. The only thing that will work is GLUE. When you finally get sick of finding baby mice in the toaster, put rat glue on some drawing block and watch the mice accumulate on the sticker of doom.

singtel mio

connection problem? go to and reconnect

carpet tape

Carpet tape is a costly variation of double sided tape (often comes with red plastic backing). What you have to remember is that it is extremely adhesive, permanent and cannot be removed except with brute force which may destroy the item which is softer. Depending on what you have attached to your floor or wall, if your item/board is softer than the floor/wall then your item may be permanently destroyed in order to remove it.

I unwittingly stuck MDF boards on a wall with carpet tape and we had to destroy the MDF board by hand, bit by bit, as it was impossible to detach it from the sticky carpet tape and we did not have a thin flat knife/saw to use it to cut between wall and board.

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