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Content Management Systems which I have used:

  • Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Textpattern
  • Greymatter
  • Movable Type

Of these i favour wordpress for most purposes. i have on many an occasion, spent days solving a small problem in drupal, only to reinstall wordpress over it and get the job done in half an hour. TRUE STORY.

Drupal is potentially much much bigger but its taxonomy is more complicated. Joomla is alright but not my favourite, its defaults have a dated look. Textpattern is quite hands-on but sometimes its tiring to code. Greymatter/MovableType seem obsolete but i haven't done any research on what happened to them really...

CMS without mysql

From opensourcecms:

  • Pivot ( To make it briefly: Pivot is a mature system that hardly leaves a wish open especially for a Blog. A great Community (at present 75,000 contributions) helps at all problems. Though: With 5.6 MB also no more straight "lite", even if Pivot runs without Mysql database and stores everything as text files
  • SkyBlueCanvas Lightweight CMS ( is already considerably smaller with 2.8 MB. The less known system also shows a little lean "optic". But under the hood there is considerably more than at Pivot: Numerous modules like news, form managers, picture administration and more already make it a mature CMS. The individual modules can be placed on various locations on the site.
  • Pluck ( (similarly large as SkyBlueCanvas) comes with the Tinymice editor and offers considerably less modules but a clean and easy operator surface. Simple for a smaller project.
  • RazorCMS ( is far away from a Blog and by far also the smallest program. The Core is merely 200 kb in size. With some additional modules (called Plugins or Blades) and a WYSIWYG editor (you can choose one of 3 available, I used Nicedit being the smallest) with only just over 300 kb.

This is rewarded by a lightning speed in comparison with the colleagues and extremely flexible in many things. SEO optimized linking is available. So in my opinion in a real secret tip.