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Content Management Systems

CMS without mysql

Pivot ( To make it briefly: Pivot is a mature system that hardly leaves a wish open especially for a Blog. A great Community (at present 75,000 contributions) helps at all problems. Though: With 5.6 MB also no more straight "lite", even if Pivot runs without Mysql database and stores everything as text files

SkyBlueCanvas Lightweight CMS ( is already considerably smaller with 2.8 MB. The less known system also shows a little lean "optic". But under the hood there is considerably more than at Pivot: Numerous modules like news, form managers, picture administration and more already make it a mature CMS. The individual modules can be placed on various locations on the site.

Pluck ( (similarly large as SkyBlueCanvas) comes with the Tinymice editor and offers considerably less modules but a clean and easy operator surface. Simple for a smaller project.

RazorCMS ( is far away from a Blog and by far also the smallest program. The Core is merely 200 kb in size. With some additional modules (called Plugins or Blades) and a WYSIWYG editor (you can choose one of 3 available, I used Nicedit being the smallest) with only just over 300 kb. This is rewarded by a lightning speed in comparison with the colleagues and extremely flexible in many things. SEO optimized linking is available. So in my opinion in a real secret tip. Also templating is easy ... Have a look on one of my first sites: - the template was converted in about 2 hours to this system (being not a professional designer I have to admit)