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George and Debbie's Tropical Staycation 2017

Agenda for Meeting

Pre-Departure / London

  • Make inventory of items to move / items to dispose or give away
  • Which company to use for international moving - this was recommended by Susan Sentler who did a London to SG move in 2015 - not a single glass broken -
  • Timeline for moving to SG / this will impact on storage by moving company as well
  • Terminate Shed contract / Confirm moving date with landlord
  • Terminate any other contracts or direct debit payments - mobile, etc
  • George's NHS records - retrieve copy from doctor
  • Debbie's NHS records - retrieve copy from doctor
  • George medical insurance (may be a requirement for work visas/passes for non-local?)
  • Mail redirection - how does international mail redirection work? or does it need to be local

After Debbie departs but Gee is stuck in London

  • Contact council to only pay one-man rates
  • Housing benefit if G not jobbing hard?

Departure / London

  • Important personal documents to be placed in different file or box for transport over
  • Purchase lots of colour labels for boxes + tape dispenser
  • Packing "survival kit" for first weeks in new country

Pre-Arrival / Singapore

  • George's visa / LTVP / Singapore PR Application
  • George's job
  • Debbie's job
  • What is best mobile phone contract
  • What is best broadband contract for house
  • Criteria for flat hunting in SG - debbie will start searching once i arrive but timeline?
  • George opening bank account in Singapore
  • Do you want to make a shared bank account in Singapore?

Moving / Singapore

  • Tie up with moving company on new flat location
  • Parking restrictions at new flat for moving in

Bigger picture

  • BTO/Resale HDB / Setting out plans to save for a flat deposit
  • Children???
  •  ???
  • PROFIT!!!

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