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m asked me - what is difference between Adobe and sRGB?

i wrote back use sRGB its the standard adobe RGB supposedly TECHNICALLY has more colours. but it also doesnt have some colours that SRGB has. also in most editing programs like photoshop if there is adobeRGB colour that it doesnt have it will just self convert to the nearest anyway so.... just use the standard sRGB

adobeRGB is also not free..... technically its still under adobe's licence i mean its only in adobe programs that u get it mainly and theorectically i think free browsers sometimes dont render the colour as bright if its a adobeRGB image because browsers dont know how to convert colours nicely like photoshop does

sRGB was specifically created as an 8 bit per channel color rendering standard back in 1990-91 when most color imagery was pie charts on cheap CRT displays.