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Hasty notes from meeting with land surveyor

  • BM - bench mark
  • TBM - temporary bench mark
  • CH = Chainage
  • JK = JK foo
  • Tree in Serangoon Garden Community Centre planted by LKY. When a road had to be built, no one dared cut it down. Tay Chin Huan (who later committed suicide) said not to cut. Road was built around it. URA - toa payoh town plan - was it replanned by HDB to fit the tree into the town plan? speculation.
  • Stock taking of cracks - for insurance
  • surveyors will now take note of trees and how tall they are, what type, etc.
  • Cathedral of Good Shepherd affected by mrt consruction due to soil mvt
  • speak to clerk of works in civil engineering for more info
  • comment: why is it that banyan trees have many spirits attached to them.