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I do NOT know why i did not do this earlier.

Pan fried Chicken Thighs

  • marinate with soy, season with garlic powder and salt
  • heat a pan of oil
  • for a medium sized normal thigh fry at medium-low heat for 7 min on each side
  • for a smaller piece use discretion to reduce timing
  • brown bits? not burnt. edible. great. 100% would make again

Soft Boiled Eggs Singapore Kopitiam style

  • boil water in pan
  • submerge eggs ideally room temp so they wont crack
  • cover and wait 6 min
  • take out and wait 30 sec exactly
  • PEEL
  • EAT!!!!! do not wait.

Soft Boiled Eggs Onsen Tamago style

  • eggs in pan of room temp water, totally submerged
  • put on fire
  • bring to boil
  • when reaching boiling pt, put on timer and wait 4 min precisely
  • take out of water immediately after
  • run over cold water continuously for at least a minute so it cools
  • egg white will be mostly solid but yolk will be soft on inside
  • timing is crucial and do not use weird crockpots or pots with strange base. just use a normal saucepan.


  • pour in enough water to submerge bacon
  • fry at medium-high
  • water will evaporate but cook meat evenly
  • fat will crisp up but not completely vanish
  • perfect