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various notes while reading critical cities

  • why doesn't singapore have aarhus convention (1998) p39 - unfortunately its only a european thing
  • save our heritage 2008 winstan whitte p45
  • Stephen Gill's Archaelogy in Reverse p77
  • Museum of London Archaelogical services standing buildings p79
  • the "london plan" ken livingstone (does it apply to other places?) policy 4B.9 p89-91
  • what is the origin of the word "surveillance" p94
  • firmitas - strong, utilitas - comfort and function, venustas - joy p106
  • mercury, medicine symol link? p107
  • "isolated" - origin of word in Insulatas (made into island) p108
  • "terrains of disinvestment" - docklands and shoreditch experiencing maritime and manufacturing decline, taken over instead by soft industries like design/art and of course financial services p220

history of your house as imagined!!! partially researched, partially made up?

P: "i just need 2 metres to get a new photo perspective. That's all i need"