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from http://www.zdnet.com/article/the-enterprise-technologies-to-watch-in-2016/ Emergingenterprisetechnologies.png

https://medium.com/startup-grind/im-done-pretending-sf-tech-is-visionary-9d0e91bfacfb Welcome to Silicon Valley. We’re smart enough to solve real problems, but we don’t.

In Silicon Valley, there is an entrepreneur on every corner, and a new you-sit-at-home-naked-while-i-do-your-shopping app every week. Only a handful of companies, proportionally speaking, are actually trying to do things that will have a meaningful impact, and the organizations that have true vision are generally underfunded and unnoticed.

Many startups define their mission just well enough to discover an avenue to revenue. And some don’t even want revenue. They just want users, because lately that’s as good as cash when going in for a round of funding. Most of these startups die within the year, and most people will forget their names long before then.

Applying the same energy to problems that significantly impact the world would provide more than enough drive, creativity and inspiration to push through the unimaginable challenges you’ll face along the way. You’ll face these difficulties anyways — why not make it worth the struggle?

Right now, entrepreneurs are trying to fix things that aren’t broken. And we can all name a lot of things that are broken: healthcare, education, homelessness and poverty, food waste, climate change… need I continue? These aren’t even small market problems. There is so much room for people with good ideas to make change, and probably make some good money while they’re at it.