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The documentary suggests that in the absence of the glory of being the "first" to reach the south pole, it apparently looks like Robert Falcon Scott's expedition had calculated its potential legacy - and decided to gun for the science. Apparently no explorer worth his salt was allowed to avoid doing the science thing. While exploring new lands, the pioneers were also expected to be measuring, recording observations, conducting studies and experiments. This was the norm. I wonder, why shouldn't it still be the norm? Why do we specialize and slowly lose our ability to see the big picture? Why can't we be explorers and also scientists and also capable of poetry and art?

For Scott and Shackleton's competitor, Amundsen, he had abandoned this scientific pursuit in lieu of greater speed, and Scott, knowing he was beat, decided to plod on with the scientific studies of fossilised plants and rocks. Unfortunately, Scott's team froze to death while crossing the Ross ice shelf. But on the centennial of his ill-fated demise, the English have taken it upon themselves and their nationalist fervor to console themselves with their fossils and rocks saying "HEY! WE'VE GOT SCIENCE!"

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