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01:30 pm Level 3, Fermi Lab Marco A. Gutiérrez (Robolab, University of Extremadura, Spain) Talk of 60 minutes

  • solving computer vision problems (of robots)
  • - "RoboComp is an open-source Robotics framework providing the tools to create and modify software components that communicate through public interfaces. Components may require, subscribe, implement or publish interfaces in a seamless way. Building new components is done using two domain specific languages, IDSL and CDSL. With IDSL you define an interface and with CDSL you specify how the component will communicate with the world. With this information, a code generator creates C++ and/or Python sources, based on CMake, that compile and execute flawlessly. When some of these features have to be changed, the component can be easily regenerated and all the user specific code is preserved thanks to a simple inheritance mechanism."
  • thresholds and hardcoded numbers seemed the same whilst coding up the libraries for robocomp, so why not make opensource library availbe
  • target audience:
  1. robots and related appls
  2. computer vision beginners
  3. computer vision researchers

basic structure

  • Trainers (implements the train) (virtual class)
  • Detectors (detect scene, detect omni) - 2d detector / HOG / cascade / facerecogniser / cad recogniser
  • Detection (result of detection)
  • Frame Generator (grabs image from cam, gets point cloud from rgbd sensor, can use files/image files and pcd (pcl))
  • obtain detection

debbie's random thoughts

while(frameGenerator.isValid() && cv::waitKey(2) ! =27) {
// why is wait needed? he wonders. (i dont know either)


  • live coding session typos shows curious translation problems. Spanish programmer. "Valide" "remo/remove". i was afraid these mispellings were encoded the same way "color" is americanised in many code things. fortunately they were merely errors. i wonder how people who speak a different language understand these concepts and words?

Livecoding.png Opencvfacedetection.png

install_manifest.txt smart contracts, dumb lawyers, and you Level 3, Dalton Hall

02:30 pm smart contracts, dumb lawyers, and you Level 3, Dalton Hall Meng Weng Wong ( Talk of 20 minutes

  • humans use language as tool
  • poets, writers... and lawyers
  • lawyers as ancient programmers > with antiquated tools... 20 year old tools, 200 year old practices....
  • pseudocode
  • why not Code = Law, Law = Code?
  • both code and law have similar notions of design patterns, similar reliance on borrowed libraries
  • how to solve isomorphism problem?
  • what if..... it could also check if it was illegal?
  • we live in a world where watson has learnt medicine, go beats human, why not AI to law?
  • formalisation / natural language isomorphism - multilingual / compilation to ethereum, etc
  • see: the british nationality act as a logic program 1986
  • "the same dynamics that make FOSS great should also make open legal code great"
  • law firm = reconfigured as team of proprietary programmers paid to reinvent the wheel
  • dream: github/wikipedia for legal agreements?
  • freemium revenue models
  • signature flat fee / convenience fee for signature workflow management / private repo / subscription to service packs / referral fees?
  • q&a - peace of mind / liability
  • see also: y2gay
  • see also: lojban

Uncovering of a heavily obfuscated public API by Singapore Government Level 3, Fermi Lab

03:00 pm Uncovering of a heavily obfuscated public API by Singapore Government Level 3, Fermi Lab U-Zyn Chua (Zynesis) Talk of 40 minutes


  • singapore zoo closes at midnight
  • airport always packed
  • graveyard hours - geylang and jalan besar popular
  • utac plant 2 amk st 63
  • Serverless architecture - AWS lambda - pay only for the time you run function, does direct parsing of lta's obsfucated data / data collection every 30 sec