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On a whimsy I decided to make shelves for my finder like the iPhone dock.

There was maybe a short interest in such things some years back, but since then most of the links for Finder shelves pngs are broken. I wanted something nice and also small, so I adapted some ones for my use from bits and pieces online.

128 x 128 icons


All the ones available online are 128x128. This is what is looks like. You can download the original shelves from these links:

Converting it for 64 x 64 icons

Personally I find 128 x 128 too big. The rest of the 64 x 64 versions on the internet dont work - all the links are broken, or they simply will not fix properly to my Finder. So I adapted my own 64 x 64 version from these.



Grid setting can be wider even if you please. But it cannot be smaller.

Final File

TheaterShelves dd64x64 7.jpg