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Stun Guns

Viper Defender on Google UK
From the Viper Defender website: "The Viper Defender™ is the most powerful self-defence stun device of its kind in the world - delivering 950 000 volts of raw savage power to a potential assailant ... in a unit so small that it offers almost invisible personal protection !"

"But Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes, vice chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on gun crime, was shocked to discover that these stun guns were openly available on eBay. He told The Register: "The sale of stun guns is illegal in the UK. The fact that people are blatantly advertising these items online shows just how inadequate the policing of weapons sales on the Internet is." Illegal stun guns sold on eBay UK

We reveal how easy it is to buy lethal stun guns

Truck Bombs

truck bombs create craters: the hotly debated question as seen on the news, 20 September 2008 Marriott Bombing In Islamabad, Pakistan. so did the crater come from a truck bomb? the answer is YES.

truck bomb craters over the years: