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It all began when I found this amazing 100% Flash website that had html content (seen when javascript was turned off) and unique urls for each page within the entire flash page. I must understand how this technology works!

They use SWFAddress. The guy who makes it was the author of the actionscript bible. I'm... doomed. I am actionscript noob compared to a programmer of that standard. But now we know its possible...

what does google see?

find out what google reads from your swf file:

  • Register for the licence and download the Search Engine SDK -Flash Player Developer SDKs
  • Install the SDK
  • go to START > RUN >DOS prompt > enter swf2html filename.SWF -o output.html
  • output.html will reflect what google sees in your swf
  • this information, however, is not very useful/crucial for SEO because everyone knows that swf files aren't meant to be read that way.

find out how google is indexing your page

Fleximagically Searchable

Not sure what this contest means or whether it is actually useful but it proves that: Google does not index your dynamic content in Flash or Flex. But then, do you need it to be indexed? Its an interesting contest, but having it all in flash probably doesn't mean that its all unsearchable as a result. Couldn't you just have alternate text? Isnt the meat around the bone the most important part?