Fusion 360

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Parametric Modelling

  • Create a component
  • Start drawing
  • You can fix the constraints. They will resize the object accordingly
  • Duplicate lines using Circular Pattern

Fusion360 1.png Fusion360 2.png Fusion360 3.png

  • Chamfer
  • Render mode - can render on machine or use fusion cloud render

Fusion360 4.png


Freeform modelling

Fusion360 5.png

  • Go into Sculpt mode by creating one of those rounded cubes
  • Edit form
  • ALT key for extruding each new edge loops

Fusion360 6.png

  • Physical material is different from appearance
  • You can load in your own hdr

Fusion360 7a.png

Fusion360 7.png

Fusion360 8.png