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Nelly BenHayoun

  • "intelligent agents taking over artificial systems" (you)
  • partners in crime - william burroughs the invisible generation / - hannah arendt, alienation from earth
  • stanley milgram, six degrees of seperation
  • 3 axes: critical design /theatre of cruelty / existentialism
  • DI manifesto 2009 / critical design 1999
  • (fun vs satire)
  • soyuz chair
  • super kamiokande / super k sonic booum
  • the key to any work is engage with as many people as possible
  • NASA "failure is not an option" 2011
  • public opinion is not great
  • boal, a theatre of the opressed
  • she looked in NASA admin structure closely and emailed them!!!
  • if i had to sum it up (simplifying it grossly), she is saying that people have lost connection to many ideas and other people but you just have to email and call them and make connection with them and it willl happen / so her space project is inspired by people's disconnection with space exploration

lydnicholas intelligence(s)

  • when i finally get my jetpack, what does it mean?
  • tradeoff of writing/data > spatial memory changes / visual memory tasks
  • trade off in mental resources
  • taxi drivers vs uber driver brains
  • negation of experience / identities overlap (follow/engagement)
  • "you carry all of us with you. when they look at you they see me. you fail, i fail" - murdered by my father bbc 3 vinay patel
  • sesame credit - credit system in china based on your social
  • autocomplete
  • living in the shadow of smaart machines
  • the machine has no responsibility (but we do)
  • http://www.nesta.org.uk/blog/shadow-smart-machine-justice-accountability-and-clarity-age-algorithms

darius kazemi

  • tiny subversions
  • he makes bots (most live on twitter, tumblr, other platforms)
  • such as thesortingbot, twoheadlines
  • https://twitter.com/sortingbot
  • https://twitter.com/TwoHeadlines
  • glitch logo
  • madame eva
  • good news! the robot apocalypse is already here
  • the robot apocalypse has been here for centuries
  • "artificial intelligence" - hey define intelligence (most people)
  • hey define artificial (him)
  • algorithms have been around for a long time
  • all software is a set of rules and algorithms
  • what is this blurring of natural and artificial
  • is math technology? or nature?
  • what makes human carrying out algorithm different from machine carrying out algorithm
  • humans must go eat and do other things but a machine can do it forever
  • the unreasonable effectiveness of recurrent neural networks" by andrej karpathy
  • http://karpathy.github.io/2015/05/21/rnn-effectiveness/
  • "Of course, a lot of these conclusions are slightly hand-wavy as the hidden state of the RNN is a huge, high-dimensional and largely distributed representation."
  • "on the edge of making sense"
  • AI - alien intelligence / anthropogenic intelligence
  • we need to stop coding them to be our friends. we shld exaggerate the alienness rather than lying and making it more human.
  • make bots as alien as possible (they're not like us at all, it can have unforeseen consequences)

carlo buontempo